Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jimmy Russel At The Wine and Cheese Place

We had Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller of Wild Turkey
Signing bottles at The Wine and Cheese Place

We have some 101 proof, 81 proof, Rare Breed, Russell's Reserve and 14yr Tradition
all autographed by Jimmy Russell in stock at our Forsyth location while supply lasts.

The rare, only made once, and not to come again according to Mr. Russell is $94.99 per bottle and limited.  He signed both the box and the bottle on these!! 

We have some of each of these autographed by Jimmy Russell
Wild Turkey 101  750ml  $17.99
Wild Turkey 81    750ml  $16.99
Wild Turkey 81    1.75L   $31.99
Wild Turkey Rare Breed  $32.99
Wild Turkey 14yr Tradition  $94.99
Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve  $25.99

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