Friday, February 3, 2012

An update on The Wine and Cheese Place Barrel Aged Beer Collaborations

More beer is in the barrel now...we now have 5 different barrels filled with beer and aging in the cellars of some of the local breweries...

Barrel Update - Feb 3, 2012

Barrel -  Buffalo Trace Barrel
Brewery: Schlafly
Barrel filled on August 5, 2011 with Schlafly Quadrupel
February 7, 2012 is the scheduled bottling date!
Watch for the release soon

Barrel -  Knob Creek 9yr Barrel 
(first full barrel ever sold in St. Louis) 
Brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales
Barrel filled on October 6th with Perennial Heart of Gold Wheat Wine
(now 4 months in barrel)

Barrel - Elijah Craig 12yr Old 
(1st full barrel sold in STL)
Barrel - Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey
Brewery: 4 Hands Brewing Company
Both barrels filled on February 3, 2012 with their Bona Fide Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Goshen Espresso and Whole Vanilla Bean to age.

Barrel - Buffalo Trace
Brewery: 2nd Shift Brewing
Barrel filled on December 29, 2011 with thier "LSD" Liquid Spiritual Delight

Barrel - Buffalo Trace
Brewery: Charleville
The barrel is at Charleville to be filled soon with a 9% Wee Heavy that they are creating

Stay tuned for more barrels!

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