Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Buxton Brewery

Imperial Russian Stout from Derbyshire

Buxton Tsar Imperial Russian Stout...$4.69 / 11.2oz
TSAR is rich and powerful, a full bodied Imperial Stout. Malty chocolate, mocha and dark berry fruit-notes preside over a subtle hop profile, whilst a smooth velvety texture in the mouth gives way to a lingering bitter, dark chocolate finish 
Rated 94 on RateBeer


We have a 5 Brewer’s barrel (BBL) plant. The vessels are; (from left to right) Mash Tun, Copper, Hot Liquor Tank.

The malted barley and wheat mix (grist) are combined with hot liquor (brewer’s term for water) in the mash tun and form into a thick, porridge-like consistency. This mash is left to stand for a little over an hour, so that the enzymes present in the grains of barley and wheat can get to work converting the starch into fermentable sugars (mostly maltose). This is the good stuff that the growing grain of barley would have used to sustain itself whilst sending its rootlet into the ground, and its shoot into the more about the brewery

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