Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some new Sam Adams limited releases....

Sam Adams Cinder Bock Rauch Bock....$6.39 / 22oz

Sam Adams Dark Depths Baltic IPA....$5.49 / 22oz

Sam Adams Tasman Red Red IPA....$4.59 / 22oz

Bold, lively, and a bit rugged This wily red IPA gets its character from the Tasmanian hops that are full of grapefruit, pine, and earthy notes creating a bold flavor that threads throughout the taste. The hops are balanced by a core of roasty malts that give this brew body and richness with hints of toffee. This flavorful brew is rounded and smooth with a dry and citrusy hop finish
For this brew, we wanted to experiment with these flavorful and citrusy Tasmanian hops. We came across Topaz and Galaxy hops, grown in Tasmania and Victoria Australia,that give the beer a bold hop character. This flavorful Red IPA is about more than the hops though. Their bright and citrusy character adds punch and a pleasant bitterness to the rich roasty caramel notes of our specialty malts. The combination of these two streams creates a brew that’s earthy, lively, and smooth

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