Friday, November 4, 2011

Perennial Heart of Gold

Looks like the fourth release from Perennial Artisan Ales is here at Forsyth.

The releases:
#1 Perennial Hommel Bier - first load sold out, but more arrived this week, in stock now
#2 Perennial Strawberry/Rhubarb Tart -- in stock, but almost gone for good
#3 Perennial Saison de Lis - in stock now
order Perennial online now

and #4 coming this Friday!
Sorry, I was given the wrong price, the price is lower, only $11.99
Perennial Heart of Gold Wheat Wine....$11.99 / 750ml
10% ABV

"Heart of Gold is a 10% wheat wine with a deep caramel color. It is very much an American-style, coming in around 70 IBUs. It has a rich caramel malt finish, and the bitterness stands up nicely to the residual sweetness that is typical of higher alcohol beers."

Don't forget --This is the beer that  Perennial Artisan Ales has decided to age in our Knob Creek 9 Year Old Bourbon Single Barrel.   The Heart of Gold Wheat Wine has been in the barrel since early October 6th.  Read more about it -   We will not see this barrel aged version until sometime next year.

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