Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beer Vinegar

Die Hochland Imker Organic honey blueberry vinegar...$17.99 / 250ml 
Marshland honey and wild blueberries are fermented into a fragrant, rosé vinegar variety. The Marshland honey and blueberries originate from the ‘Bavarian Marshland’, a large wetland area in the Austrian region of the Bohemian Forest. During the cool summers, our bees collect nectar there from cranberries, bog bilberries, blueberries, wild rosemary, common heather and glossy buckthorn as well as honeydew from bog spruces and mountain pines.

Die Hochland Imker Organic Honey Malt Vinegar...$17.99 / 250ml 
Organic honey and organic honey beer wort sourced from the Hofstetten brewery are used in the natural fermentation process, and produce a spicy vinegar variety. The malt content in the wort imbues our Malzkoenig with lots of body.
Malzkoenig is especially suited as a condiment for red leaf salads and for enhancing sauces for game and beef. This vinegar is also an ideal partner for intensely flavoured oils, for instance pumpkin seed oil.

Die Hochland Imker Organic honey vinegar...$17.99 / 250ml 
Naturally fermented from golden yellow summer blossom honey. The combination of the mild sweetness of the summer blossom and the subtle acidity of the vinegar produces a unique harmony. Goldmarie is pale yellow and has the most delicately structured acidity of all of our vinegars.
The old German fairytale of Mother Hulda by the Brothers Grimm gave us the inspiration for its name. The tale tells of the industrious girl with the straw-blond hair who was draped in gold as a reward for her hard work by Mother Hulda. When she turned up at home again she was greeted by the rooster with:
An old Austrian legend tells us that the dead haunt these marshlands at night during thunderstorms. Witches, long ago thrown into the bogs to drown, rise up to strike terror into people’s hearts. Then ghost-lights flicker and dance over the marches, leading unwary travellers astray.

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