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Ludwig Farmstead Cheeses

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Ludwig Farmstead Creamery
European-style artisan creamery located in Fithian, Illinois

Ludwig Farmstead Creamery Raw Milk Cheeses

Handcrafted cheeses with a distinctly firm texture, which become more flavorful as they age for three to four months.  Made in single batches from day-fresh milk from our own cows, and traditional starter cultures custom blended by cheese maker Fons Smits who uses old-world customs and state-of-the-art technology imported from Holland.

Jake’s Wheel - Named after the founder of the creamery and based on his favorite cheese, the Havarti.  This is a mild semi-soft cheese  known for its creamy, buttery consistency.  We make this cheese in wheels instead of the classic brick shape and finish it a bit harder to give it more character. A great cheese for any occasion that is well liked by many. We use this as a base for many flavored cheeses including Habañero, Dutch Garden Herb, Italian Garden, Bacon, and Asian Spice. 

Feather Ridge - Our first cheese, from a recipe inspired by the great European mountain cheeses like Fontina, Vacherin, and Mobier. The combination of special cultures and the high quality of our raw milk creates a semi-hard to hard cheese which is aged for four months. It has a nice firm consistency but tastes creamy, with complex flavors and a mildly sharp finish.

Kickapoo - This cheese is inspired by the German Buterkäse, then the recipe is tweaked and mixed with special cultures resulting in a semi-soft to semi-hard cheese. The flavor of this cheese is surprisingly fresh. As the cheese ages for three to four months it develops a hint of pineapple flavor, similar to the great Italian cheese Piave.


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Anonymous said...

I've just got to say, I LOVE Jake's Wheel! Oh my god...bacon and cheese...together...brilliance. Have not had a chance to taste the others, but am excited to get back and try more.