Thursday, January 25, 2024

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Maighstir Edition

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Maighstir Edition...$119.99
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Maighstir is born from a collaboration between Kentucky Owl Master Blender, John Rhea and Scotch Whisky Master Blender, Maureen Robinson. Maighstir (pronounced May-stir) is a traditional Gaelic word meaning "Master"  
Kentucky Owl Maighstir Edition has been awarded 96 points by Tasting Panel magazine.
50% ABV- 100 Proof

Nose: There is a sweet sense of small grains particularly the malted barley, with a hint of sweet caramel. The balance of the small grains (wheat and barley) with the hint of sweet caramel/vanilla, gives the immediate sensation and question in your mind; is this a great bourbon, or is this a great Scotch? Honestly, smelling it will make you feel like you are in a Scotch Whisky warehouse.

Palate: Initially there is sense of warm spicy sweetness from the rye that you might expect from a great bourbon, but then the combination and soft tones from the wheat and barley give a pleasant calming warmness to the tongue. As it melts in the mouth the essence of orange and grapefruit linger behind the soft velvety feel in the mouth.

Finish: In the throat, the soft caramel/vanilla reappears and trails away with a long soft pleasant finish.

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