Friday, July 28, 2023

Varnelli Amaro dell'Erborista

Varnelli Amaro dell'Erborista...$64.99 / 1 liter
From the Varnelli’s long herbal experience
This intriguing amaro is obtained from a decoction of herbs, roots and barks which are prepared over a wood fire. Only pure honey is used to sweeten this blend.
To the Eye:  Tobacco colour with brick red shades, opaque, expressive.
To the Nose
It offers aromas of nearly stewed ripe fruit and sultana, with scents of gentian, rhubarb, sandalwood and honey.
On the Palate:  Dry, bitter, warm. Its tannic structure is powerful: somewhat drying to the palate, it is countered by intense salivation at the side walls of the mouth. Hard notes due to acids and tannins are dominant.
Persistence:  Intense aroma of spices, rhubarb, sandalwood. Tonic persistence is also intense.

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