Thursday, July 13, 2023

Jacoulot Creme de Peche de Vigne

Jacoulot Creme de Peche de Vigne...$39.99 / 700ml
In the 1950s, Vincent Jacoulot’s descendants began branching out from brandy into fruit crèmes and liqueurs. As with all things Jacoulot, these products draw on Burgundy’s rich culinary traditions. Burgundy is known both for its beautiful vineyards and its wild-growing and unique fruits that are abundant throughout the region. These liqueurs allow us to savor the bounty of Burgundy’s harvest at any time in any place. Their careful production creates intense, pure flavors with minimal oxidation.
This pure crème uses three different varieties of vineyard peaches – much smaller than the standard table peach – and macerates them for 60 days in neutral grape spirit. The fruit solids are then pressed and blended into the maceration, along with beet sugar to give this liqueur balance and richness.
  • Flavor Profile: Peach gummy rings abound, with a pure ripe peach palate that is fresh and vibrant.
  • Usage: The unmatched peach flavor in this crème makes it a powerful ingredient in almost any cocktail. Use it in a Bellini for maximum peachiness, or combine it with classic fall flavors such as whiskey, cognac, ginger, amontillado sherry, or Angostura bitters for an endless array of options. An unexpectedly delicious pairing is with sake or shochu. Also perfect in dessert applications. Store opened bottles at or below cellar temperatures.
  • Production: Vineyard peaches are macerated in neutral grape spirit. Fruit solids are pressed & blended into the liqueur, then sweetened with beet sugar.
  • ABV: 18%

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