Thursday, July 13, 2023

Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey

"There’s a lot of whiskey out there. So for me to put my name on it, you know it's either great, or I’m getting paid a ton of money. Well, they’re paying me almost nothing, which means Bear Fight is damn good whiskey."
Chief Storyteller, Bear Fight

Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey...$39.99 / 750ml
45% ABV | 90 Proof
Experience in every bottle the convergence of traditional Scotch making techniques and a new-world approach to whiskey creation. Bear Fight adopts a custom maturation and finishing process to create a bold, yet approachable American Single Malt Whiskey with a consistent and balanced flavor profile.
Aged to perfection in first-fill bourbon casks and finished in both sherry & exclusive peated casks, every glass has the aroma and flavor of candied pecans, ripe red apples, sweet sherry, and a faint whiff of Islay-style peat smoke.
Toasted pecan, ripe red apples, and honeysuckle
Dried figs, black currants, wildflower honey, and candied dates
Cream sherry, medium toast American oak, and a hint of Islay style peat smoke.
96 Points 2021 New York Intl. Spirits Competition
Double Gold Winner

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