Monday, July 10, 2023

Blue Run Bourbon Reflection II

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Blue Run Bourbon Reflection II...$84.99
Reflection II builds upon the legacy of its predecessor, Reflection I, which was blended to create unique, introspective moments allowing those enjoying the bourbon to reflect upon life’s ups and downs.  Reflection I was created by two of Blue Run’s founders who were experiencing challenging circumstances in 2020.
Reflection II was selected and blended by Shaylyn Gammon during a period of time in which she was new to Blue Run and taking on an expanded role with increased opportunities and responsibilities all while balancing the excitement of experiencing motherhood for the first time.
Reflection II deviates from the introspective point of view of Reflection I and toward a more enthusiastic perspective, welcoming the imbiber to contemplate the exciting possibilities that come with a life on the ascent. Great whiskey takes one on a journey that blends all the emotions that life has to offer, and Reflection II embodies the elation that life delivers. It invites consumers to contemplate opportunities from a hopeful, optimistic, and joyful perspective. Shaylyn has created Reflection II to embody these exhilarating ascensions and asks bourbon enthusiasts to join her on the journey.

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