Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Martin Miller's Gin Original + Westbourne Gin

Martin Miller's Gin Original...$28.99 / 750ml
80 proof
Martin Miller’s Original Gin. A modern classic dry gin based on the best traditions of English distillers but with our own twist to obtain the perfectly balanced gin. A gin that ‘tasted of gin’ in the words of Martin Miller.
NOSE: Its alcohol level enhances a smooth flavour with lemon peels and pine notes.
PALATE: The slight liquorice sweetness enhance the citrus and spiced sensations.
FINISH: Long and fresh feeling with lemon notes.

Martin Miller's Gin Westbourne Strength...$36.99 / 750ml
90.4 Proof
Martin Miller’s Westbourne Gin. A gin for those in the know, its name derives from the location of Martin Miller’s own residence in Westbourne Grove in London, where the brand was conceived.
NOSE: Intense citrus peels integrated with juniper and a very smooth alcohol balance
PALATE: Subtle sweetness from liquorice enhances the citrus presence
FINISH: Long freshness feeling

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