Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Tasting at Spirit Wine and Craft with North Shore Distillery


Friday September 23rd from 4pm-6pm
At Spirit Wine and Craft
5760 Chippewa St. 

What we will be pouring...

North Shore Twisted Citrus Vodka...$29.99 / 750ml
Simply put, this is the best citrus vodka you’ll ever taste, if we do say so ourselves. Brand new as of December 2020, this is an update to our late, great Sol Chamomile Citrus as part of our 2020 rebranding and packaging updates. We worked on these updates for almost all of 2020, and are thrilled with the outcome. Twisted Citrus has bright, fresh, authentic citrus flavors from the fresh oranges, lemons and limes we infuse and distill into the spirit.
Tasting Notes:Sunshine in a glass, with bright, fresh citrus notes – it’s delicious for sipping, and also for mixing
Layers of fresh orange, lemon and lime in a crisp, smooth spirit
Production Notes:Starting from a base of our North Shore Vodka, Twisted Citrus is infused and distilled with real, fresh citrus fruit peels; we use oranges, lemons and limes, achieving a round, versatile citrus profile with accents of each type of fruit
This spirit is made in small batches by hand – the citrus fruits are washed and peeled by hand as well, to ensure we get use only the best parts of the fruits
We use no additives or flavorings of any kind – it’s just pure, delicious vodka infused and distilled with fresh citrus fruit
North Shore Twisted Citrus Vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)

North Shore Gin No. 6...$32.99 /  750ml
Our flagship spirit, and possibly our most famous one, too. It has won many awards and acclaim and is loved around the globe, despite being from a tiny family-run distillery.
Tasting Notes:Unlike any other gin on the market, North Shore No. 6 has a nuanced, complex aroma and flavor, with balanced juniper, citrus, spice and floral notes, with a long, smooth finish
No. 6 has won a wide range of awards and significant critical acclaim – here are a few of our favorites mentions:“Clear color. Spicy aromas and flavors of nutmeg and pepper muffin, honeyed juniper berries, seared polenta with candied lemon zest, and fennel chutney with a velvety, vibrant, fruity medium-full body and a warming, subtle, long finish with notes of cardamom honey cream, spice cake, and exotic peppercorns and coriander. A powerfully delicious gin with captivatingly fresh, 3-D flavors; impressive!” – Beverage Testing Institute, awarding a Gold Medal, Spring 2022
“Of course, juniper is the dominant flavor, but it quickly gives way to a cascade of subtle flavors that make No. 6 the jewel of a refined martini, yet also very pleasing neat” – Chicago Tribune
“A modern-style gin … smooth and refined” – New York Times
“This unique gin kept surprising my palate with each sip, ending with a beautifully developed peppery finish” – Hal Wolin, a NYC-based bartender, on his blog A Muddled Thought
Production Notes: We hand prepare a range of herbs and botanicals for each batch of gin, including juniper berries (of course), hand-grated fresh lemon peel, rich spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and delicate floral accents
We infuse the botanicals into our base spirit for varying lengths of time depending on their particular characteristics, and then distill them through Ethel the Still using a slow, meticulous process that enables us to create fresh, bright flavors
Distiller’s Gin No. 6 is 47% alcohol by volume (94 proof)
North Shore Sirene Absinthe Verte...$59.99 / 750ml
Tasting Notes:Sirène has a beautiful, nuanced aroma and flavor. On first taste (after diluting with water of course), you’ll notice the classical absinthe trinity of herbs – anise seed, fennel and grand wormwood. As you continue to sip, additional flavors come forward, including floral, citrus, minty and bitter notes.
Your tongue will tingle and be engulfed in a sea of herbal intensity, in the best possible way.
“[B]eautiful, both in the Art Nouveau-inspired bottle as well as in the glass, where it louches to opalescent yellow-green. The aroma is particularly citrusy, evoking juicy Key lime mixed with fennel. It’s super-light on the palate, with most of the anise coming forward on the finish. Mix into an absinthe frappe.” – Wine Enthusiast
Production Notes:We modeled Sirène after some of our favorite absinthes from past trips to Europe and generous sharing by absinthe aficionado friends – rich, yet approachable, balanced in flavors and delicious both in a traditional absinthe preparation as well as in a range of cocktails.
We infuse 18 different herbs to create the rich, complex layers of flavor in Sirène – we don’t share much of the details, but it is a labor-intensive, time-intensive process. And we love how the distillery smells when we’re making it, even if the aromas take over the place for a few hours.
Sirène Absinthe Verte is 60% alcohol by volume (120 proof)

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