Thursday, March 24, 2022

Ardnamurchan Single Cask AD/CK.632 09:15

The Ardnamurchan peninsula is a wonderfully remote “finger” of rocky land that stretches out to the furthest westerly point of the UK, just to the north of the Isle of Mull, and south of the Isle of Skye. It is accessed initially by a small ferry, and then by a narrow and twisty single track road.

It’s famous for its outstanding and untouched beauty and abundance of natural resources.
The Ardnamurchan Distillery opened in July 2014 and is situated half way along the peninsula in the small village of Glenbeg. It was designed to both look like a distillery, and also fit in with the surrounding buildings.

Ardnamurchan Single Malt Scotch Single Cask AD/CK.632 09:15...$99.99
Smoked bacon and maple syrup with dark cherries and salty licorice.

Bottle specs:
327 bottles
Blockchain enabled through QR code.
Copper tag, Tissue wrap

Whisky specs:
  • Cask Type: Spanish Oak Oloroso Hogshead
  • Spirit Type: Peated
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Cask NO: 632
  • Barley variety: Concerto
  • Farm Name: Broomhall
  • Field Name: Brucefield
  • Un-chillfiltered, Natural Colour
  • 59.8% abv

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