Sunday, January 23, 2022

Perennial Artisan Ales Sump Coffee Stout

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Perennial Artisan Ales Sump Coffee Stout...$13.99 / 2 pk 16 oz cans
Sump Coffee Stout: The coffee was grown in the Monte Alban region of Oaxaca, Mexico – and roasted in Saint Louis by Sump Coffee. The base stout is smooth and chocolatey, complemented by notes of pecan, toffee, pear, and vanilla. Sweet and bitter are balanced against each other, swirling around the full-bodied stout base to create a powerfully rich, yet amazingly crisp drinking experience. 11.5% ABV.

Perennial / TWCP Maman new batch coming in 2022 for our 40th Anniversary
This year is our 40th Anniversary, we opened in 1982!  Watch for more exciting anniversary beers.

5 barrel blend -- if all goes to plan.  Subject to change.
This batch is 3 barrels of Knob Creek 15 year old, Larceny Wheated Bourbon, Elijah Craig Bourbon.  They have been in barrel for about 2 years now.  Phil said he tasted them back in August and they were coming along nicely.   He will be tasting them soon to see when he wants to bottle.    

As before the release will be based heavily on Perennial support starting from November 1st, 2021 until the release.  We will announce that date when we know.

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