Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Michel Couvreur Whisky

Whisky distilled in Scotland and aged in Burgundy France

Michel Couvreur Intravagan'za Whisky...$69.99
Malt distilled in Scotland, aged in very old sherry casks, then bottled at its natural strength (50% alc./vol.). A young high-mettled spirit of confounding intensity, concentrated, rich and tasty.

Limpid gold amber tint. Notes of green almond and frangipane fragrances that are typical of very young malts, honeyed, finely wooded, and fruity. The palate is lively and silky with creamy flavors reminiscent of pear liquor, which evolve rapidly into finer and floral flavors supported by a hint of smoke.

Michel Couvreur Cap a Pie Whisky...$69.99
First edition in 2018, it should become a classic! This is Michel Couvreur's usual "The Unique whisky" with a higher proportion of Malt Whiskies. Iodized fragrance with a hint of almond, vanilla sweetness, light floral fragrances, white fruits. The palate is nervous yet round with a hint of Sherry flavors. Gourmand and drinkable, it is enjoyed as an aperitif at low temperature. The high proportion of malt whiskies makes the after tastes become more complex.

Michel Couvreur Cuvee Unique Whisky...$42.99
4 years in Hogshead. Medium humidity cellar.
The classic "BLENDED" which used to be called "The Grain Whisky" because it is composed by a most part of Grain - an exception in the Michel Couvreur range because it's not a fresh Sherry cask maturation. The Unique is enhanced thanks to very old whisky casks. Iodine flavors with a touch of almond and vanilla sweetness. Delicate and sublte, it is reminiscent of white fruits. Nervous on the palate, it shows a round aftertaste that makes it easy to drink with apetizers.
To be served cool.

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