Tuesday, August 8, 2023

O'Fallon Pumpkin Ales 2023

O'Fallon Pumpkin Ale has arrived!
O'Fallon Pumpkin Ale....$9.99 / 6 pack bottles
O’fallon pumpkin O’Fallon Pumpkin award winner! We use so much real pumpkin in our mash that it adds hours to the lauter. But the result is incredible. We season our beer with fresh cinnamon, nutmeg and clove to give this wonderful seasonal beer its uncanny “Pumpkin Pie in a Bottle” taste. This beer continues to be our most popular seasonal offering so we know it won’t last long. ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 11

O'Fallon Vanilla Pumpkin Ale...$9.99 / 6 pack bottles
Vanilla has always been a popular request, so we set out and found a Vanilla that we thought was a perfect complement to our original spice blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove. It is a cold pressed Madagascar Vanilla that delivers the perfect balance of Pumpkin Pie and Ice cream in a glass. ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 11

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