Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Main and Mill Brewing


Emperor of Evil Strawberry Milkshake IPA 4pk 16oz cans...$13.99
Emperor of evil 7% Strawberry Milkshake IPA with Citra and Barbe Rouge hops, Strawberries, Vanilla and lactose. This one is loaded with fresh strawberry aroma and flavor while noticeably backed by the berry and tropical fruit notes of French Barbe Rouge and Citra. Brewed with oats for mouthfeel, lactose for some added creaminess, and vanilla to tie it all together...this one would certainly be Zedd approved.

Featured Artist: David Miley (@David_Smiey), a freelance graphic illustrator that works in both traditional and digital art, based out of Charleston, SC.

Green with Evil • Sour w/ green apple candy 4pk 16oz cans...$12.99
Green with Evil, 8%  Green Sour brewed with green apple candy. Loaded with a green apple Jolly Rancher-esque aroma and flavor and pouring with a deep green, this beer is truly a gem for anyone that loves the green apple candies. As soon as we saw this amazing label, we were immediately drawn to the task of making a candy driven green beer to complement the old Saturday morning fun of waking up to cartoons and kid shows...before there was streaming.

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