Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Firestone Walker Anniversary Ale XXIV

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Every late summer, right before the wine harvest gets rolling, we invite our local winemaker friends to the brewery to help blend our annual Anniversary Ale. Winemakers are practicing experts in the art of blending, and we realized early on that they could provide invaluable input for creating a seamless beer from numerous barrel-aged component ales.

The winemakers come for both the challenge and the camaraderie. They split up into small teams and create their own preferred blends from the provided components. Each of the resulting trials is then blind tasted by the entire group, and votes are cast for the winning blend.

The victorious team walks away with bragging rights—and with a set of coveted cardboard crowns.

The result this year is XXIV—a masterwork of richness and complexity, blended from six distinct ales aged primarily in bourbon barrels, with a small portion aged in tequila barrels.


Velvet Merkin (8.5% ABV) Aged in Bourbon Barrels (27%)
Milk Stout
OG=15P FG=4.0 IBU=32.5 Color=Black / Brewed with Oats and Milk Sugar / Hopped with 100% US grown Fuggle

Stickee Monkee (12.2% ABV) Aged in Bourbon Barrels (26%)
Central Coastal Quad
OG=27P FG=6.5P IBU=45 Color=Deep Brown / Round and full bodied Quad brewed with Belgian Candi Sugar and Mexican Brown Sugar

Parabola (13.1% ABV) Aged in Bourbon Barrels (16%)
Russian Imperial Stout
OG=30P FG=8.5P IBU=80 Color=Black / Massive amounts of Roast Barley, hopped with Styrian Golding and Hallertau Tradition

Smoked Imperial Walkers Reserve (11.8% ABV) Aged in Bourbon Barrels (16%)
Robust Porter brewed with beechwood smoked malt
OG=23 P FG=5.5 IBU=32.5 Color=55.0 / Round and sturdy Porter with a healthy charge of Weyermann smoked malt, hopped with Oregon grown Willamette

Bravo (12.5% ABV) Aged in Bourbon Barrels (11%)
Imperial Brown Ale
OG=26.5P FG=3.0 IBU=35 Color=Deep Brown / Strong and lean imperial brown ale hopped with Bravo and Hallertau Tradition

Tequila Barrel Helldorado (11.5% ABV) Aged in Tequila Barrels (4%)
Blonde Barley Wine
OG=21P FG=5.5 IBU=32.5 Color=Deep Gold / Lean and focused to express barrel character, hopped with Styrian Golding

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