Friday, December 14, 2018

Best Sipping Rums of 2018: The Ultimate Holiday Gift GuideFrom Forbes

We have know this for a few years!  One of our best selling rums!
In fact we just got in our last 10 cases of the Foursquare 2005 and we have the 3 cases of the Premise in stock now.

Best Sipping Rums of 2018: The Ultimate Holiday Gift GuideFrom Forbes

Fred Minnick
Dining & Drinking
I cover spirits, the drinks culture and business.

Rum is an amazing sipper.
Put any of these rums up against the best brandies or whiskeys and you'll see that well-aged rum deserves an opportunity to please your palate.
And the best part, you can still find the elite rums. That's right.
While bourbon geeks stand in lines with a hope--no, a prayer--to land a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, rum enthusiasts can still walk into many American liquor stores and find the best rums.
But you cannot rest on your tiki shorts: People are starting to learn of rum's sipping beauty.

Before I get into my best sipping rums of 2018, I must offer a couple disclaimers: This is my opinion and I assessed these on their sipping merit vs. cocktail glory. There are many great rums in the world (I've tasted most), and these are what I believe to be the very best of 2018. They were selected after a long year of tasting, in which I shortlisted these as the best of the best for my palate.

Best Sipping Rums

Foursquare Premise 10-year-old, 92 proof,  $55.99 Barbados click to order online now

About: Aged in ex bourbon and sherry casks. It is a blend of pot and column molasses distillates.
Foursquare is simply on a roll. The distillery releases the best rums year in and year out. This beautiful spice-forward rum exudes an in-your-face style more aligned with cask strength styles than 92 proofers. Molasses, Jamaican jerk, clove and other baking spices are the hallmarks to this beauty. Then, it’s hints of vanilla, coffee and toffee. It finishes long and strong with a mouthful of spice.

Foursquare 2005, 118 proof, $64.99 Barbados click to order online nowAbout: 12 years old, blend of pot and column and aged in former bourbon barrels. 
Foursquare Distillery year in and year out releases some of the world's best rums. This year is no different. Its 2005 release is Fred Minnick's Pick for World's Best Sipping Rum.
This is quite simply one of the best spirits in the world. In the same league as its predecessors—2004 and 2006—Foursquare 2005 is a complex beast with flavors pouring out of the palate. I’d say this is a once-in-a-lifetime rum, but Foursquare seems to be releasing this high quality all the time. For this delicious release, you’ll get a cadre of complex sweet and savory, from buttermilk biscuits with melted butter to intense brown sugar, coconut, maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses, rye bread and even marzipan. It’s ripe with all sorts of vanilla and caramel, but the consistent and residual flavor is the maple and molasses notes that just wow the palate. This impressive rum’s unrelenting mouthfeel simply encompasses every inch of the palate. This is my pick for Best Rum of 2018.

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