Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Sexton Irish Single Malt Whiskey

The Sexton Irish Single Malt Whiskey...$46.99
40% ABV
Triple distilled in Copper Pots
100% Irish Malted Barley
Matured in ex-sherry butts

A Sexton is a person in charge of church grounds and graveyards including grave digging.
"Up in the cold grey northern reaches of County Antrim the Sextons tend to the spirits digging the fresh graves of the river Bush graveyard and planting stone crosses in the soft mowed grass.

But show up just before dawn when the dew is glistening on the headstones and the cool morning breeze rushes through - carrying the scent of the unmistakable oak from a breathing casks; follow that scent down into the crypt and you might find a locked door, faintly glowing at its edges.

Through that door, find the rows of beckoning European oak, once the sacramental casks of fine sherry, now brimming with aqua vitae." - label

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