Saturday, September 30, 2017

NZ whiskey

Little more of each arrived ---
this one sold out instantly the first time --

New Zealand Whiskey Co. The Oamaruvian 16yr Old...$114.99 / 375ml

Bottles produced: 412
Bottled April 2017
Cask Strength: 60.9%
Barrel 405Aged for six years in American Oak, ex-bourbon, and finished for ten years in French Oak, ex-red wine barrels. Bottled at cask strength.
The Story
New Zealand whisky evangelists and winemakers Warren and Deb Preston identified Oamaru’s historic Harbour Precinct as an ideal seaside climate for whisky maturation. Next, they did something profound. They decanted over 200 barrels of Dunedin distilled single grain whisky out of American bourbon barrels and into French oak NZ wine barrels. The Dunedin DoubleWood was born. Eight years on, The New Zealand Whisky Collection is proud to present The Oamaruvian – specially selected casks chosen for their rich toffee, floral nose and creaming soda mouth-feel with a hint of Oamaru sea spray to finish.

New Zealand Whiskey Co. Dunedin Double Wood 18 Year Old...$89.99 / 375ml

A Master Blend of 70% single malt, and 30% premium grain whisky produced from unmalted barley in the Willowbank Distillery. Aged for 6 years in American Bourbon barrels, before finishing for 12 in French Oak NZ wine barrels, giving ruby colour, depth of character and long-lasting, rich flavours.
The awesomeness of the Dunedin DoubleWood comes from the foresight of our predecessors, the Preston Family, to transfer a large number of six year old MasterBlended whisky from American Oak to French Oak ex-red wine barrels. The new barrels came from the North Island and previously contained New Zealand Pinot and Cab Sauv.

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