Friday, February 23, 2018

Medley and Old Medley

We are told both of these will no longer be available - we bought everything left in town!

Old Medley 12 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon...$49.99
Medley's 10 Year Old Private Stock Bourbon...$48.99
(next lowest price online on the 10year is $52.99)
The contents of this bottles is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey distilled from cereal grain.  Originally launched by George Medley in 1873, this brand was out of production for decades before being discovered and re-launched by Master Distiller, Charles Medley and his son Sam Medley.  Their skill, rich experience and proven tradition for generations has produced this truly fine, high grade product.


Anonymous said...

Hi again
Do you also have the younger/cheaper medley brother to go along with these?

Anonymous said...

Or is it a totally different company

Paul Hayden said...

They are from the Charles Medley Distillery. Distilled in Kentucky but bottled in California. We also have the cheaper "Medley Brothers" at $21.99, also from the same company. They also produce Wathens at $29.99

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your the only person I know that always responds. So thanks. No knock on anyone else, at least not on your site. Thanks again