Friday, December 29, 2017

Pickle Flavored Vodka!

Double Gold and Silver Medal Winning Vodka!

Back in stock --- at Rock Hill right now.  Should hit the other stores soon.
By far our best selling Vodka now!
Try it in your next Bloody Mary!
Chilled Dills Pickle Flavored Vodka...$19.99 / 750ml
We have combined the amazing taste of the finest pickles and their juice with a U.S. made, ultra-premium vodka. Combining the two, we have created a delicious, flavored vodka with a hint of dill pickle; very smooth and refreshing.

We start where many leave off. After our vodka has been distilled 6 times we start our flavor infusion process. This is a patented one of a kind technology that not only infuses our all natural flavor on a molecular level to prevent “falling apart” in mixed or iced drinks it also utilizes ultrasonic waves to create chemical compounds that we can then filter out. The result is a cleaner, more pure spirit than can be created with traditional distilling practices. In fact, a College of Charleston Analysis found our vodka to be up to 70% more pure than two of our “top shelf” competitors that are sold at a much higher price point.

Whether mixing it in a bloody mary, a pickle tini, on the rocks, or with your own drink creations we know you will enjoy the unique, full-flavor of Chilled Dills™ Pickle Flavored Vodka. Check out our inspiring recipes here

2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Silver Medal

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the biggest and most prestigious international competition in the United States. There were 1467 Spirits that competed from 64 countries and 41 states. This being the 14th year of competition, Chilled Dills is honored to have received the Silver Medal in the Flavored Vodka category!

2013 The Fifty Best Flavored Vodka: Double Gold Medal Winner rating the finest in wines and spirits, has once again shined its spotlight on flavored vodka. recently hosted a Flavored Vodka Tasting, where 53 contenders were evaluated for the distinguished “Best Flavored Vodka” awards for 2013. is very pleased to announce that Chilled Dills Vodka was awarded a Double Gold medal in the “Spice & Misc” category!

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