Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Uncut Bourbon

Backbone Bourbon Uncut - Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Backbone Uncut Straight Bourbon Whiskey....$44.99
Backbone Bourbon is a true uncut whiskey. Its quality comes from its youthful vigor and the purity of tasting a barrel strength whiskey. This whiskey is distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and is bottled in small batches in Bardstown, Kentucky.
Backbone Bourbon is meant to be sipped and savored. It was developed with the discerning bourbon drinker in mind. Many bourbons available on the market today are “cut” with water to a specific proof. This is done for good reason but we feel that a good part of the whiskey's character is lost during this process. Bourbon matures in oak barrels and takes years to evolve. During this time, it develops character. It is molded by the quality of ingredients and the barrel in which it was aged. We feel this is the backbone of the whiskey and we want to preserve this originality and purity.

We also want to give consumers the choice of how strong they want to drink their bourbon. We recommend adding water or ice blocks to get it to your desired level of strength. But more than just a sipper, Backbone makes an ideal ingredient for the increasing number of cocktails using Bourbon as an anchor spirit.

To have backbone means to have “strength of character and resolution”. Backbone Bourbon is a strong and flavorful bourbon that should be enjoyed carefully and responsibly.

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