Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jolly Pumpkin / Upland Brewing Collab

In stock now and in good supply!

Upland Brewing Collab!

Jolly Pumpkin / Upland Brewing Collaboration...$10.99 / 750ml
Combining Indiana Persimmons and dragonfruit from Thailand?  Who would concoct such a divinely subtle concoction of joy and delight?  Only the spookily twisted folks at Jolly Pumpkin and Upland Brewing, that's who.  From the rolling hills of Indiana, to the twisted wrought iron gates and graveyards of Dexter, comes this wonderful blending of oak aged sour ale. 

More of these arrived!

Jolly Pumpkin Glass....$4.99 each


Anonymous said...

Will you send an alert when it gets posted online? Or should we just check periodically?


Paul Hayden said...

I will send an tweet and facebook when I get it online.

Anonymous said...

I'd like 2 glasses sent to the ballwin store with the bottle I'll order when it's up. Is it possible to order those online too?

Paul Hayden said...

When I get it up, just put in the comments that you want 2 glasses also.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!