Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hermitage Brewery - San Jose California

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Hermitage is a very new brewery from San Jose California. They opened in 2009 and it looks like Missouri is only the fourth state that they will be distributing in the U.S.....

Hermitage Hoptopia Double IPA....$9.99 / 6pk
Tropical nose, full citrus and floral flavors, good malt balance 8.0 ABV/IBU 65

Hermitage Maltopia Wee Heavy Scotch Ale...$9.99 / 6pk
Also known as a Wee Heavy, blankets your palate with malty, roasted caramel flavors 9.0 ABV/IBU 25 

Hermitage Ale of the Imp Imperial IPA...$4.69 / pint
Floral nose, earthy and piney overtones, very bitter finish 8.0 ABV/IBU 99.9 

Hermitage IPA Single Hop Series Sorachi Ace Hops...$5.99 / 22oz

Our brewing team is passionate about ingredients. This series was created to celebrate, and to acknowledge the wide variation of hops. The same ingredients and process go into each IPA from the series, with only one difference- what type of hop is used. “This is a great series for both beer aficionados and novice beer drinkers,” comments Brewer Greg Filippi. “It gives the drinker an appreciation of each hop type. They can really pick out the individual flavors in other beers once they taste the hop on its own.”

Varieties will change seasonally. Could be Citra, Admiral, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, etc.

Current varieties are:

Sorachi Ace: a Japanese hop known for its characteristic citrusy lemon flavor. Sorachi Ace is the third release of the series this year, following Ahtanum and Citra. Brewmaster Peter Licht is excited about the latest batch. Licht says,”Sorachi is an extremely interesting hop- lots of unusual fruit flavors including lemon and lemon zest. It is also the only hop to come from Japan. One of the reasons we started the single hop beer series was to get to use exotic hops like Sorachi Ace.”

7.0 ABV/IBU 55

Established in 2009 Hermitage Brewing Company is located in San Jose. Along with producing its own label of small batch beers, Hermitage contracts with beer and soda clients to produce their products. Hermitage is regarded as a professional and reliable go-to contract brewer for many regional and state brewers.

Hermitage is also the bottling source for all Tied House beers. When Tied House closed down its iconic downtown San Jose location in mid-2009, they transferred all their brewing equipment down the road, to South 7th Street, where Hermitage is today. Hermitage soon added a bottling line, complete with disco ball and audio of ABBA’s greatest hits, which automatically starts when the bottling line is turned on.

Hermitage Brewery is becoming widely recognized for its Hoptopia, Maltopia, Ale of the Imp, Single Hop “H” Series IPAs, and craft soda brands. In 2011, Hermitage took four Gold Medals at the California State Commercial Craft Brewers Competition. Celebrator Beer News awarded One Door Quadrupel with four out of five stars in 2011, and Hoptopia DIPA four out of five stars in 2012.

As the new branch of Tied House Brewing, Hermitage is happy to be a part of such a long legacy of great brewers and their award-winning beers. Our current team is Brewmaster Ron Manabe, Brewmaster Peter Licht, Brewer Greg Filippi, and our newest team member, four-time consecutive GABF winner: Brewer Steve Donohue.

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