Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Perennial Devil's Heart of Gold

The Wine and Cheese Place Barrel Aged Beer Program

Check out the amazing label designed by Perennial

Here is your first look at our next barrel aged beer to be released.  
Perennial Devil's Heart of Gold
Wheat Wine Style Ale aged in bourbon barrels
The name "Devil's Heart of Gold" comes from what they call the "Devil's Cut".   When a bourbon ages in a barrel, a portion of the bourbon evaporates - this is called the "Angel's share".   Another portion of the bourbon gets absorbed into the new oak barrel -- this is called the "Devil's cut".    Therefore, the Heart of Gold beer aging in the barrel starts to absorb back some of the Devil's Cut and hence the name "Devil's Heart of Gold".

Perennial took their Heart of Gold and aged it in a Knob Creek 9yr Old Barrel back in October 2011.   They are planning to bottle the beer in May -- just weeks away!!  The beer will have been resting for 7 months in barrel!
Here are some pictures of the barrel being filled - click here

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We will continue with 1 bottle per person to let more get around.   We will also have a similar style release party where we will taste both the "regular" Heart of Gold and the Devil's Heart of Gold.   We will sell tickets to this as soon as we know the release date.

Barrel Update - April 3, 2012
  • Barrel Aged Beers released already = 2
  • Beers in Barrel now = 4
  • Barrels waiting to be filled with beer = 1
  • Barrels on their way to be filled = 4
A total of 11 barrel aged beers so far as part of the program!

Barrel -  Buffalo Trace (#1) Bourbon
Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Aged Quadrupel

Date filled: August 5 , 2011
Date bottled: February 7, 2012
Cases produced:  17 cases (204 / 750ml bottles) 
Beer released and Sold out - click here to see the release pictures

Barrel - Buffalo Trace (#2) Bourbon
2nd Shift Brewing Liquid Spiritual Delight Stout Barrel Aged
Date filled: Decmeber 29, 2011
Date bottled: March 5, 2012
Cases produced:  17 cases (204 / 750ml bottles) 
Beer released and Sold out - click here to see pictures of the release

Barrel -  Knob Creek 9yr (#1) Bourbon 
(first full barrel ever sold in St. Louis) 
Brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales
Barrel filled on October 6, 2011 with Perennial Heart of Gold Wheat Wine
(now 6 months in barrel - should be bottled in May 2012)

Barrel - Elijah Craig 12yr Old (#1) Bourbon  
(1st full barrel sold in STL)
Barrel - Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey (#1)
Brewery: 4 Hands Brewing Company
Both barrels filled on February 3, 2012 with their Bona Fide Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Goshen Espresso and Whole Vanilla Bean to age.

Barrel - Buffalo Trace (#3) Bourbon
Brewery: Charleville
Barrel filled on February 13, 2012 with their Hairy Cow 9% Wee Heavy

Barrels on the way!
These barrels are on the way and will eventually be filled with beer.  Six Row Brewing is tagged for the next one to arrive.  We are planning to do a second batch of Schlafly Quadrupel in barrel and the rest are yet to be determined.
Barrel -  Knob Creek 9yr (#2) Bourbon
Barrel - Buffalo Trace (#4) Bourbon
Barrel - Elijah Craig 12yr Old (#2) Bourbon 
Barrel - Blanton's (#1) Bourbon 

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