Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old school beers...

Some new beers/package from old school breweries...

New beer from Newcastle -- seasonal

Newcastle Founder's Ale....$7.79 / 6pk

Only one Limited Edition is special enough to bear the name Newcastle Founders Ale. The name, like the star on its label, is a tribute to the heritage of the five founding brewers of Victorian-era Newcastle. Its nutty brown color, light-bodied flavor and malty dry, bitter finish will make you as proud of our heritage as we are.

Corona Familiar....$3.49 / 32oz
There seems to be a big debate online if this is the same beer as "regular" Corona or if it is a different beer.  Some think it is the same beer just keeps better because it is in the brown bottle and some think it is a different beer.  Either way, we have it in stock now.

Now found in over 150 countries, Corona has become:
The #1 selling beer in Mexico
The #1 selling Mexican beer in the world
The #4 selling beer in the world

George Killian's Irish Red.....$6.29 / 6pk
I was told that they changed back to the original formula?  I could not find any information online about it though.  At minimum, it is a new package and in stock

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