Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fire King Lump Charcoal

Back in stock now!
Just arrived a few minutes ago. (I had to buy Charcoal at another place yesterday, not the same as the Fire King)
Fire King Lump Charcoal...$9.99 / 20lb bag
Made right here in Missouri.
We think it is the best Charcoal you will ever use. We will be using it at our Beer Fest and BBQ this Saturday.
It burns cleaner and hotter than regular briquets.

"You should recognize this charcoal if you watched the Micro-Algae Man episode of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs in which Mike Rowe visited the Struemph Charcoal Works in Steelville, Missouri. Although they didn't explicitly list any brands bagged by Struemph, you could plainly see the "Fire King" bags in the episode. So, sparing no expense for our readers, we ordered two 20-pound bags to review.

So, we have a great smelling charcoal, easy to light, long lasting, virtually no chips and dust in the bag...this charcoal is a great choice. (We wonder if Mike Rowe knew that he was buried in a pile of such fine charcoal, or that all that powdered charcoal he was shoveling was the result of making a great product!) We give it our Recommended rating."
--, Lump Charcoal database

Reader's Score: 4.47 (55 votes)
5 - Best Ever 31 (56%)
4 - Good Stuff 20 (36%)
3 - So So 3 (5%)
2 - Pretty Bad 1 (2%)
1 - Worst Ever 0 (0%)

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Anonymous said...

Please let me know where Fire King can be found for $9.99 for a 20# bag. I love this stuff and can only find it for $15-$20 a bag.