Saturday, May 11, 2024

Yellowstone Tasting Today at Kirkwood


Come taste the always delicious Yellowstone Whiskies with us 

Saturday 5/11 from 2-4!

The Wine & Cheese Place

10451 Manchester Rd, Kirkwood 63122

What we will be tasting:

Yellowstone Select 93 Proof...$35.99
Limestone Branch Distillery introduces a vibrant, new Yellowstone Select bottle label. This smooth, well-rounded bourbon features a hand-picked blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky bourbons, each chosen to give this exclusive whiskey a taste that celebrates its deep, family origins.

A delicate fusion of flavors from seventh-generation distillers, this straight bourbon features a handpicked blend of 4- and 7-year-old bourbons, for an exclusive old-fashioned whiskey that honors its deep family origins.

Yellowstone Toasted Barrel 100 Proof...$44.99
Introducing the Yellowstone Toasted Bourbon Special Finishes Collection: A testament to over a century and a half of bourbon heritage, we recognize the importance of evolution. In pursuit of innovation, we embark on a fresh journey - the Special Finishes Collection. Building upon the perfected Yellowstone Bourbon mash bill, cherished across generations, we engage in a voyage of experimentation with diverse finishes. Each finish offers a distinct perspective to complement our traditional bourbon profile, much like the uniqueness found in our national parks.
Crafted by Seventh Generation Distillers, our 4-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is meticulously refined through Toasted Staves, resulting in a harmonious blend enriched with notes of vanilla, high toast, oak, and spice.

Yellowstone American Single Malt 108 Proof...$44.99
Like any member of our family, Yellowstone American Single Malt Whiskey stems from previously established roots. Nearly everything we’ve perfected across seven generations of distilling presents itself in this bottle. Much like the park for which it’s named, this whiskey is a uniquely American icon. One worthy of revisiting.

Aroma: Cereal Malt and honey with a hint of peach blossom
Body: Sweet medium body with notes of honey, pear, stone fruit, and dates
Finish: Notes of oak with hints of cinnamon and English walnuts

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