Friday, March 2, 2018

Filley's Sweet N Heat Sauce - Made in Missouri

Taste Filley's Sauce 
This Saturday (3/3/17) at our Forsyth location with Todd Geisert from 1-3pm 
The Wine and Cheese Place

Made in Missouri

Filley's Sweet N Heat Sauce
The Wing -n- everything Sauce
Not everyone, especially kids, can handle the traditional hot wing sauce. Sweet -n- Heat was created with those individuals in mind. The concept started in our kitchen many years ago with taking traditional hot sauce and adding various ingredients to give it that sweetness flavor but yet have a "kick" of heat. Over the years, our friends have sampled the sauce on various foods and often said "you really need to manufacture that sauce". Well in April 2015, we finally took the big leap and with the help of our partners, created a LLC and sought out a manufacturer to take our recipe and officially bottle Sweet -n- Heat.

Sweet -n- Heat, as it says on the label, is more than a wing sauce. Some other foods, just to name a few, it is recommended to be used on are:

  • pulled pork
  • scrambled eggs
  • dipping sauce for fries
  • hamburgers
  • in place of your traditional pizza sauce
So here we are today, bottles manufactured and ready for you to purchase and enjoy in your own kitchens!! We would love to hear what foods you enjoy Sweet -n- Heat on.

We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy our products!!

The Filley's

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