Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rosemary Lane Carignan

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2016 Rosemary Lane Carignan...$12.99

Carignan at one time was the most widely planted grape in France. Today however, it is rare to see it bottled as a single varietal wine. This Carignan is rich, with dark blackberry fruit flavors in the mouth, and exotic spices of white pepper, and sandalwood in the nose. This combination of flavors and aromas is ideal for barbecue, and grilled meats

For years the French government encouraged growers to dig up and replant their Carignan with other grape varieties. Sadly, this means it is very difficult to find good, old-vine Carignan. Most of it has already been ripped out to liberate the land for more popular grape varieties. However, when kept in check, old vine Carignan can produce wines of deep concentration and complexity. This wine is destemmed and crushed, before undergoing a temperature controlled fermentation in tank. After fermentation, it is allowed to rest on its lees in stainless steel tanks before a light filtration and bottling. 

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