Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2nd Shift UKIII

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UKIII is here!!!

2nd Shift Brewing Unicorn Killer Saison UKIII....$9.99 / 750ml

I am not sure how the UKIII is different - but it is here now!!
Here is the description on UKII
UK2 is a new version of UK1 using different spices that I can't freely talk about without getting in trouble from the powers that be... let's just say this one doesn't have fresh unicorn milk like the first one did. It's gonna be around 6.5% ABV


J. Weymouth said...

Link not working for reservations...

Paul Hayden said...

Sorry, will get it fixed, give me 15 minutes

Paul Hayden said...

It is up now, sorry for the delay.