Friday, May 12, 2023

Cascahuin Tequila Tahona Blanco

The next hot tequila, hard to get and prices keep going up!

Cascahuin Tequila Tahona Blanco...$88.99

  • NOM: 1123
  • 84 proof
  • No additives
  • 100% Agave
Made from 100% Weber Agave from Jalisco. Produced in stone/brick ovens and 2x pot distilled.  Made using the Tahona process, a large stone wheel for crushing agave in a pit. Tahona is one of the oldest, most labor-intensive ways to make tequila. The tahona is actually the name of the wheel.

Cascahuin Tequila Plata 48....$81.99
  • NOM: 1123
  • 96 proof
  • No additives
  • 100% Agave

This is a Tequila without dilution and filtration with authentic procedures in honor of its founder, Salvador Rosales Briseño. Each production lot is not more than 2,500 liters.

View: Crystal clear and transparent. In the glass, the body is long and rich.
Smell: First impression-very strong fragrances of cooked agave, pepper and fresh herbs. Afterwards aromas of cardamom, walnut, coffee, honey and butter are released, without losing its characteristics of dry land and mineral of the Valleys. When left in the glass, the strong aroma of agave remains.
Taste: The first drink is a refreshing and exuberant touch with mint flavors and fresh herbs, with a pleasant combination of bitter and sweet that extends through the characteristic mouth with cooked agave leaving a long memory of this flavor. On the finish, there are flavors of honey and natural fruits leaving a sweet ending

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