Friday, April 29, 2022

Oak & Eden / TWCP 4 Grain and Spire Bourbon

In stock at Forsyth only right now

Oak & Eden / TWCP 4 Grain and Spire Bourbon...$54.99

  • Bourbon Whiskey finished with an Amburana Wood Spiral
  • Barrel : Medium Fire
  • Proof 114
  • Only 120 bottles available
The spire is made from the rare Brazilian Amburana Wood. This wood is three times the price of oak. It gives the bourbon an exotic spicy flavor. You get hints of baking spices in this whiskey, it is phenomenal!

Traditional bourbons invite three grains into their mash bill: corn, rye, and barley. Four Grain bourbon includes the additional wheat grain into the mash, making for the most complex flavor of any bourbon on the market. By marrying the four grains together in one mash, a broad array of flavors emerge, encompassing notes such as orange peel, vanilla, cloves, and caramel.

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