Saturday, December 28, 2019

Pre-Inventory Sale!

We have inventory coming up!
The most dreaded day in retail!
If you have any special orders reserved at our stores, we appreciate if you can grab them before January 1st.

Pre-Inventory Sale!
We do not want to count it!
We are having some super specials that you cannot pass up.
All 4 stores have these on sale.  Each store will have other items on sale.  Selection will vary.

No additional discounts
Subject to stock on hand
No reservations.
Prices good through December 31 at 7pm

  • Boen Chardonnay from Caymus only $16.98 / 750ml (compare to $21.99 at Total Wine and More)! 
  • Arrumaco Dry Rosé from Spain only $6.98 / 750ml (regular price $11.99)! 
  • Arrumaco Dry Rosé from Spain only $19.98 / 3 liter box(regular price $29.99)! 
  • Villa des Anges  Rosé from France only $7.98 (regular price $13.99)! 
  • Alfredo Roca Pinot Noir  $9.98 (regular price $14.99)! 
  • Medimer Dry Rosé from France only $6.98 (regular price $13.99)! CUSTOMER FAVORITE!!
  • Boot Hill Distillery Red Eye Whiskey..$5.99 (Compare to Total Wine &; More at $32.99!!) 
  • Boot Hill Distillery Gin only $5.99 (Compare to the Big Guys at $34!!) 
  • Boot Hill Distillery Vodka only $5.99 (Compare to the Big Guys at $25!!) 
  • Gosling's Gold Seal Rum only $4.99 (Compare to Total Wine and More at $17.49!) 

More to be added!

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