Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dripping Springs from Texas

Dripping Springs Vodka....$15.99
Handcrafted in the Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs Vodka is made with sweet, Mid-Western non-GMO corn and naturally gluten free. The Houston Kashruth Association certifies Dripping Springs Vodka as Kosher.
Dripping Springs is micro-distilled the equivalent of 20 times in small 50-gallon batches then mixed with pure, mineral-rich artesian spring water from the Texas Hill Country before a final clarifying slow filtration through Swedish activated charcoal. Dripping Springs is lush and balanced, with a smooth finish.

Dripping Springs Vodka won Gold Best in Class and the Vodka Purity Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2008. It is the ONLY American Vodka to have won the Vodka Purity Trophy in 47 years of the IWSC, which is the world’s largest and most prestigious Liquor and Wine competition.

Dripping Springs Artisan Gin....$22.99
Dripping Springs Artisan Gin and Dripping Springs Traditional Gin are made in small 40-gallon batches. Each batch is designed to capture the essence of our botanical mix with an optimal 40% Distillers cut then finished with pure, mineral rich Hill Country Artesian Spring Water.
Dripping Springs Artisan Gin is an approachable lower proof (85 proof) spirit made with a delicate combination of soft floral notes, a hint of spice and fresh citrus from the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Dripping Springs Artisan Gin is perfect for vodka drinkers looking for a soft flavorful spirit enjoyed over ice or in a classic Dry Martini.
Dripping Springs Gins are non-GMO, gluten free, and certified Kosher by the Houston Kashruth Association.

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