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Gjetost - a very original cheese

A one of a kind cheese
Ski Queen Norwegian Gjetost

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A Toast for a Humble Norwegian Cheese

Gjetost is an artless cheese. It has no crystals, no shards, no holes, no rind, no mold. It is not smudged with ash nor washed with Cognac. Caves do not age it.

In fact, gjetost (pronounced YEH-toast) is more like fudge than cheese. A product of Norway, it is made by boiling the whey left over from traditional cheese production. It is stirred and condensed over heat until reduced to one-quarter its original volume. The sugars in the lactose caramelize, and the cheese becomes thick enough to pour into rectangular molds....Its semifirm compact texture, which bears a trace of peanut butter's sullen mouth feel, has a rich salty-sweet caramel finish.

To earn the classification gjetost, this cheese must contain at least 10 percent goat's milk whey (in Norwegian, gje means goat). The remaining milk may come from cows.

Gjetost made with a combination of goat and cow milk and the odd drop of cream (sold in this country under the brand name Ski Queen) is milder than Ekte gjetost, which is produced from 100 percent goat's milk whey.

Gjetost might not be taken seriously in the world of cheese, but do not tell that to the Norwegians, for whom it has a cradle-to-grave appeal. Gjetost is eaten for breakfast on rye crisps, secreted into lunch boxes and served for dessert with fruit.

Its admirable melting qualities reduce it frequently to the creamy molten state from which it came.
Article from the New York Times

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