Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fantome flies in again...

Last time I posted this one on the blog was 2011!!
Fantome Brise Bon Bons!....$12.99 / 750ml
Rated 97/100 RateBeer
With joy, and a little bit of mischief, Fantôme brewer Dany Prignon dedicates this very bitter beer to all of the many varieties of brise-bonbons - literally, ball-breakers - in the world. Specifically, this beer is meant for wise-guys, braggarts, pains-in-the-ass, muck-rakers, trouble-makers, know-it-alls, stuffed-shirts, blow-hards, and bores, as well as nut-cracking, wind-bag, prattling-on, self-appointed experts on every-thing, and nose-in-the-air snobs, convinced they can do anything better than you.  Dany intended to make a beer too bitter for a normal person to enjoy. The problem is, everyone loves it! Guess we're all just a bunch of brises-bonbons sometimes.

Plus a new batch of..
Fantome Saison Printemps...$12.99
Rated 97/100 RateBeer
Light, fruity and champagne-like. Fantôme brews special seasonal beers, never repeating a recipe from year to year. This one is for spring .

Fantome Saison....$12.99 / 750ml
Fruity, complex saison beer from the Ardennes forest from a tiny farmhouse brewery very hard to find even in Belgium.
8% alc. by volume, with a wonderfully musty and characterful aroma. “Absolutely gorgeous, complex summer refresher with enough interest to drink all year-round.” (The Beers of Wallonia). Both authors give this beer a perfect 10. We would not give it a 10 (even if we knew what that meant) but there are drinkers out there who believe this is the “Nectar of the Gods.” Certainly, no other brewer makes beer like this, in Belgium or anywhere.
How many beers of 8% plus offer such fresh fruitiness? A solid Belgian saison beer at its base, with an unusual overlay of fruitiness.

Fantome Collaboration DMD Target Bond...$13.99
Fantome Collaboration DMD....$14.99 / 750ml

Cascadian Dark Ale in Collaboration with Dany of Fantome, Mathieu of Birrificio Math of Italy and Didier from Brasserie du Flo (Belgium). Brewed at Fantome

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Barleywhiner said...

I think I bought that at your store a couple of years ago, when I was visiting your town. Great beer.