Thursday, August 3, 2017

4 Roses Barrel - The Wine and Cheese Place Single Barrel Selection

Meet Ashley Barnes of Four Roses

TONIGHT August 3rd - from 5-7pm
The Wine and Cheese Place
14748 Clayton Road, Ballwin MO

We will taste: Open house format
  • Four Roses Single Barrel OESQ see below
  • Four Roses Yellow Label
  • Four Roses Single Barrel
  • Four Roses Small Batch
For fun we will taste this beer too...

These we have available to sell by the glass - we will have at special prices that night - 
Four Roses Single Cask Strength TWCP OBSQ **
Four Roses Single Cask Strength TWCP OESK **
Four Roses Single Cask Strength TWCP OESV **
Four Roses Small Batch 2017 Al Young 50th **
** Available to purchase by the glass, not for sale

Ashley Barnes Four Roses Assistant Manager, Quality
Biography:  Quality Assistant Manager Ashley Barnes began working in Veterinary Clinics at the very young age of 9 years old. She continued working in that industry through her senior year of college at Eastern Kentucky University, where her Major was Biology and her Minor was Chemistry. She began her career in the Bourbon industry in 2012 and began working at Four Roses Distillery as an Assistant Manager in Quality Control in 2014.
Ashley is involved in all aspects of Quality. In her current position, she works with Master Distiller, Brent Elliott, in sensory evaluation and in the formulation of inventory for use in all Four Roses products. She also manages and maintains all quality data, the analytical laboratory, and conducts product training for new employees and the public. Ashley is also a Certified Distilled Spirits Chemist. In 2016 Ashley participated as a judge on the for whiskey and bourbon for ACSA ( American Craft Spirits Association).
Ashley spends most of her weekends at rodeos, watching her husband James and her father compete in team roping competitions. She’s also very close to her mother, and loves being with her dog Chloe, who she’s had since Freshman year of college.

Our next barrel is here.  Due to demand, unfortunately, this is the only Four Roses Barrel we will get this year.  

Update: about 20 bottles left at Forsyth and guessing about 30-40 left at the other 3 stores combined.  

Four Roses / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon...$59.99
Barrel Strength
ABV: 62.5%
Bottles produced: 132
Age: 8yrs and 5 months

Recipe: OESQ

"O": Four Roses Distillery
"E" : Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 20% Rye and 5% Malted Barley.
"S": Straight Whiskey
Q": Yeast strain - essences of floral aromas

I picked out this barrel down at Four Roses earlier in the year.  You taste out of barrel without knowing the recipe or age statements.  I felt this barrel stood out well above the rest.  I think you will enjoy it.  


Anonymous said...

Do all locations have it right now?

Paul Hayden said...

Right now Rock Hill and Forsyth. Ballwin and New Ballas will get it this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for any punctuation or spelling errors. I sent tia from my phone and it's a hassle to proofread

Hey Paul,
I had a quick question. In the above post you said, " due to demand, this is the only Barrel will get this year"

1. Does this year mean the rest of 2017 or 365 days?

2. If demand is so high. Why do other retailers still have FRSB-BP-BS on the shelf? I've seen " air quotes" the most coveted receipt OSEK or OSEV, still on shelves for almost a year.

3. It sounds like retailers are overvaluing the product. Simple supply and demand. Just say the whole metro area gets 10 barrels between all the retailers, that's roughly 2000 bottle, give or take a 100. I have about 5 BS bottles. I'm guessing that you have 700-1000 Straight Bourbon drinkers. So that's 1000 bottles. You prob only need 1 Barrel a year, but I know that you prob ask for 3 and they give you 1 Barrel. What is you asked for 3 and got 3 barrels. Could you sell 500 bottles?

I have a lot more to dive into about this. Four Roses is pimping the retailers and customers. They have 10 recipes that all taste the same.

You or they have it price to sell, but if they keep inflating prices it will be trouble. I know 4 rose is hot but wait till they have warehouse full of whiskey and can't sell it. Or even worse you can't sell it.
The secondary mark up is fucking ridiculous and we need to out the SOB selling alcohol illegally. I pay close attention to the secondary, I have to give StL props for not selling of products.
Some things will never change in stl.... like not getting an MLS team.
Is there a negative national view of St Louis? You'd think that being so close to Kentucky, we pull get more product.

Paul Hayden said...

That means the rest of 2017, yes. Previous years we have gotten 3-4 barrels, I usually try to get 2 at time, but they would not let me. I even tried the angle that it was our 35th Anniversary, but still no luck.
I cannot answer why some is still on the shelf. I am not saying this barrel will set out immediately, you never know demand anymore. Sometimes we guess wrong and do not limit a whiskey and it disappears in a day and sometimes we limit a whiskey and it does not sell out.
Four Roses, I do not think are playing any games. They have the demand and that is why barrels are getting a little younger. We used to be able to get 10-11 year old barrels, now they are all 8-9 years old. So they are trying to hold back whiskey to get some older barrels. Just my guess. I know they have expanded and production should be up, but they have to wait for those whiskeys to mature. If they get caught with too much, I would assume we will see some older whiskey for single barrels and Small Batch/Yellow Label will end up with older whiskey in them. That would be a win for everyone.
Just my guesses

Anonymous said...

Once again you guys nailed it.
This bottle is fantastic!
Creamy and floral, with some spice and good long burn going down.

If you need a ride next time you go down to pick a barrel, let me know. ;)
Our palates seem to align very well.

Paul Hayden said...

thank you very much. Enjoy it!