Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beer news...

Founders's Harvest Ale is back in stock now!!


Morland Hen's Tooth Ale...$3.49 / pint
Bottle Conditioned English Ale
"There's only one description for Hen's Tooth – the nearest thing to real ale in a bottle. Its balanced blend of strong, rich flavours (6.5% abv) leads to a satisfyingly smooth, clean finish. The active yeast in the bottle continues to condition and mature the ale through its life, producing not only the wonderful flavours but also a smooth, foamy head." -- brewery

Back after a long absence:
Grimbergen Blonde...$11.49 / 6pk
Alc.6.7% vol.
Raw materials of excellent quality are the richness of this beer blonde high-fermentation.

Taste: abbey beer with a golden ocher, slightly fruity with a nice balance between sweetness and bitterness and a full, rounded flavor pronounced.
The Council Gourmet

Perfect for the BBQ and white meat like chicken or turkey. Also delicious with good Belgian mussels!

Grimbergen Double....$11.49 / 6pk
Alc.6.5% vol.
The mixture of different malts and a second fermentation equip the Double Grimbergen a typical dark color and a generous taste.

Flavor: An abbey beer color "burgundy" red dark, bittersweet and very ample.
The Council Gourmet

Fits perfectly with beef, kebabs and stews.

Info from their website

More beer in 12oz CANS!!
Bavik Premium Pilsner...$9.39 / 6pk cans

Color: very light, hardly any sparkling, fine white head

Taste: the bitterness introduced already in the aroma, comes completely forward in the aftertaste. Considered one of the top Pilsners during the Michael Jackson International Pilsner tasting in Beer Passion Magazine, autumn 2000, where 27 Pilsners from around the world were ‘blind’ tasted and compared.

info from importer

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