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Chocolate from Thomas Keller and Armando Manni

Thomas Keller and Armando Manni
At K+M, we apply our unique chocolate making process to single-origin cocoa beans combined with a small amount of MANNI organic extra-virgin olive oil to create a new dimension in bean-to-bar chocolate.
No chocolate tastes better or is better for you.  Has the antioxidant benefits from both olive oil and dark chocolate

"One of Oprah's Favorite things of 2017" - read more

Forbes Magazine
When Thomas Keller says he's built a better chocolate bar, it's worth tasting the results. The multiple Michelin-starred chef (The French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon) spent the past five years collaborating with Italian olive oil master Armando Manni to produce K+M Extravirgin Chocolate. With fine cocoa beans sourced directly from farmers around the world, and a signature recipe using olive oil instead of traditional cocoa butter, K+M aims to be delicious but also healthy, given the significant antioxidant health benefits. And no, you don't taste the olive oil. As an obsessive chocolate devotee (who happens to be married to a professional chocolatier), I was thrilled to learn about Chef Keller's goal to engineer great tasting chocolate. To learn more, I reached out for this exclusive interview with Keller, Manni and K+M Chocolatier Chi Bui. --- read more

Thomas Keller and Armando Manni

K + M Peru Extra Virgin Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa...$13.99 / 2.5oz
Floral hints of orange blossom and quince mingle with vibrant grassy notes. The K+M Extravirgin Dark Peru exhibits well balanced and complex flavors, a smooth and velvety texture, and a soft, cleansing finish.
Tasting notes: orange blossom, quince, complex, velvety.

K + M Madagascar Extra Virgin Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa...$13.99 / 2.5oz
The K+M Extravirgin Dark Madagascar alights on the palate with flavors of bright grapefruit, then evolves to reveal notes of rich caramel. Light acidity frames a clean finish and a silky mouth feel.
Tasting notes: grapefruit, caramel, bright, silky.

K + M Ecuador Extra Virgin Milk Chocolate...$13.99 / 2.5oz
A sublimely creamy take on classic milk chocolate, our single-origin K+M Extravirgin Milk chocolate combines sophisticated flavors with nostalgic appeal.

K + M Ecuador Extra Virgin Dark Chocolate...$13.99 / 2.5oz
Flavors of ripe mango combine with those of spice and sweet nectar. The K+M Extravirgin Dark Ecuador exhibits low acidity and offers secondary notes of wood and earth, delivered with a smooth-satin mouth feel.
Tasting notes: mango, spice, earthy, satin.

K + M Nicaragua Extra Virgin Dark Milk Chocolate...$13.99 / 2.5oz
Clear and distinctive notes of black currant combine with sweet, malty flavors. The K+M Extravirgin Dark Milk Chocolate Nicaragua provides a fruit-forward flavors coupled with a silky clean finish.
Tasting notes: black currant, malt, bright, silky.

K + M Nicaragua Extra Virgin Milk Chocolate...$13.99 / 2.5oz
An intense and complex chocolate, the K+M Extravirgin Milk Chocolate Nicaragua delivers flavors of rich cream and black currants complemented by notes of malt and coffee.
Tasting notes: black currant, cream, rich, velvety.

K + M Nicaragua Extra Virgin Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa...$13.99 / 2.5oz
Savory coffee flavors intertwine with malt, black currant and floral elements. The K+M Extravirgin Dark Nicaragua makes a bold statement on the palate with a long, complex finish.
Tasting notes: coffee, malt, robust, lingering.

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