Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peach Porch Lounger

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Get G. Love extra sauced with this one...9.4% ABV
New Belgium Lips of Faith Peach Porch Lounger...$11.99 / 22oz
Beers and front porch lounging with G. Love means peaches, hominy grits, molasses and lemon peel, all funked up with pale and biscuit malts in a saison for sipping. In three-part harmony enters a healthy dose of Brettanomyces to bring tropical, citrus flavors and bold, sweet nose. This foot-stomping beer pours a glowing orange under a fluffy, white head and grooves all the way to its dry finish. G. Love and New Belgium together, making sweet beer and music.
Just the facts Ma'am...

Birthdate -August, 2012
ABV -9.4%
Calories -252
Hops -Goldings
Malts -Pale, Biscuit
OG -18.85
TG -1.79
Fruits/Spice -Peach, Molasses, Lemon Peel
Body -Medium-High
Aroma -When fresh PPL will have lots of those ‘saison’ aromas- spicy, herbal, fruity- not to mention the actual peaches. Once cellared the bretta will add that pineapple and funk.
Mouthfeel -The feel of this beer starts big sweet and chewy, some nice boozy warmth, but we’ve dried the finish out to invite the next sip. After cellared the bretta will bring a complex texture to this lounger.
Flavor -Pleasantly fruity and toffee sweet start and middle with a kick of warmth from all those sugars (molasses and malt!)
Visual -Deep straw like color and a deeper haze.

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