Friday, November 4, 2016

Highland Park Orcadian RARE RELEASES

Highland Park Orcadian Vintage 1970...$4,199.99
Next lowest price online is $4900
Bottled: 2010
Bottles made: 1,800

ABV: 48%
The 3rd relaese in Highland Park's impressive Orcadian Vintages range - a whisky made from 7 casks (mix of butts and hogsheads) distilled in 1970 . This continues the series incredible presentation, with a heavy dark glass bottle and hand detailed wooden box.

Highland Park Orcadian Vintage 1971....$3,999.99
Single Malt Scotch
Next lowest price online is$4700
Bottled: 2011
Bottles made: 657

ABV: 46.9%
The long awaited 4th release entry in the Highland Park Orcadian Vintage range - distilled way back in 1971. Continuing the tradition of the other bottlings in the series its comes in a hefty bottle and is packaged in a beautiful wooden box. A rare marriage of 17 casks from both butts and hogsheads.

Highland Park Orcadian Vintage 1976....$3,599.99
Next lowest price online is $4100
Bottled: 2011
Bottles made: 893

ABV: 49.1%The fifth release in Highland Park's very rare Orcadian Vintages range, and one of the highlights of The Whisky Show 2011. Vatted from 13 American oak casks, a mix of butts and hogsheads, and presented in a box illustrated to celebrate Orkney's Scandinavian heritage.

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