Thursday, November 29, 2018

BRC - Rare Beer Raffle November 2018 Edition

November Edition!
Decided to do another one in November based on Beer Purchases only this time.

In our effort to keep mixing it up and giving more people a chance to get some rare beer....

BRC release based on BEER ONLY purchases starting Nov 1st through November 30th, 2018.  
21 names will be picked via random number generator. 
Many people suggested to be more open on this as nobody has a way of knowing if they are in the top 200.  So we took their suggestion and switched it to every person that has purchased over $300 in the past 6 months.  We chose $300 because it is an average of $50 per month about $12 per week.  We feel that is a reasonable amount for a regular to purchase in beer per week.   We do these to reward regular shoppers and realized this is a more fair than people trying to guess if they are in the top 200.    We do our best to always listen to suggestions and use them if they make sense.

For the November Raffle  - we have these bottles available to purchase for the names drawn...
  • Perennial TWCP Maman....$39.99   (8 bottles)
  • 2nd Shift BA Vanilla LSD...$15.99 / 375ml (4 bottles)
  • Tilquin Oude Mure....$15.99 (1 bottles)
  • Cantillon Classic Gueuze....$11.99 (3 bottles)
  • Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee..$8.99 (1 bottle)
  • Tilquin Oude Quetsche...$15.99 / 375ml (3 bottle)
  • Founders CBS (1 bottle)
We will email the 21 winners and they will send back their list in order of preference and they will get their top choice that is still available.  We will confirm in order that their name was drawn.
Thank you!

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