Monday, September 18, 2017

Side Project "35 Years" Aged in PX Sherry Barrel


Coming soon!

Side Project "35 Years" Aged in PX Sherry Barrel
Side Project just said they just bottled our next 35th Anniversary beer - and its called "35 Years".   We supplied local distillery,Still 630, with a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel and they aged their Rally Point Rye in the barrel (see whiskey below).  After the whiskey was bottled,  the barrel went to Side Project and they filled it with beer!  And soon we will see "35 Years".   This will go through the BRC.  More details and dates as we find them out.  The beer is now waiting on labels and approval.

Still 630 Rally Point PX SHERRY Cask

You can still order the Whiskey online now
Still 630 Rally Point Rye SHERRY Cask...$44.99 / 375ml
Bottled at Cask strength
62.5% ABV
124.3 proof
We scored a Sherry barrel and sent it down to Still 630 to age their fantastic Rally Point Rye!
Aged in a Galvan e Hijos Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel


Patrick McKee said...

Any clues on to what kind of beer is in those barrels?

Paul Hayden said...

A Missouri Wild Ale