Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vedrenne Supercassis

Vedrenne Supercassis de Bourgogne...$24.99
Supercassis is the flagship production from the house of Vedrenne since 1923 in Nuits Sait Georges. A state of the art production method allowing the finest available blackcurrants to be infused in premium spirit then sweetened to perfection in order to enhance the unique fragrances of the fruit. The obvious ingredient to all kinds of "kirs" and myriads of various coctails. Supercassis from Vedrenne is the number one recipient of gold medals and accolades in the world.

Alc./Vol.: 15%

Color: Pure black currant color, dense and shiny

Scent: Intense fruity aroma, the inimitable aromatic bouquet of the pure Burgundy blackcurrant.

Flavour: Intense and aromatic taste, potent and elegant, fruity and wonderfully lingering

Cocktail: Kir, Russian Spring Punch, Tequila Sunrise…

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