Thursday, May 5, 2016

Great new Fitou - 90 Points

2013 Domaine Galaman AOP Fitou...$14.99
The 2013 Fitou Domaine Galaman (Carignan, Grenache and Syrah) is a fruity, forward effort that has loads of texture and richness. Offering plenty of mineral-tinged fruit, licorice and toast, it is medium to full-bodied, pure, up-front and already hard to resist. I don’t think it will make old bones, but it will certainly be a crowd-pleaser over the coming 3-4 years.
These solid efforts are made by Claude Gros, who also consults at Chateau de la Negly, and is one of the leading oenologists in the region

Rated 90/100 The Wine Advocate

What is AOP?

The new quality stairstep in France:

  1. Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AoP - top step)
  2. Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure (VDQS)
  3. Indication Geographique Protegée (IGP - replacing VdP)
  4. Vin de Table (VdT)

The quality stairstep in France until December of last year, was:

  1. Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AoC - top step)
  2. Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure (VDQS)
  3. Vin de Pays (VdP)
  4. Vin de Table (VdT)

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